20.06.2021 PI020 Ignatz Annelies Monseré + Ladr.ache + DJ het effekt w/ KRAAK Concert

A Sunday afternoon's KRAAK gathering to celebrate Ignatz' new 7" You Can't See Me with Annelies Monseré & Lar.ache and DJ het effekt at the end of the spring season and the beginning of a well deserved sunstroke.

Together with KRAAK.

11.09 → 13.09.20 PI015 SHHH Monokino Expo

Silent film on different locations in Ostend, organised by Monokino.

The 16mm installation Touchtone, from Wim Janssen, is shown. A boy learns to make a wine glass ‘sing’ by running his finger over the edge. The act is captured on 16mm film and will be shown on a 16mm projector. In the installation the silent analogue film runs over the edge of a glass, mimicing the sound of the act that is projected.

01.10 → 30.09.21 PI014 CONSUMPTIE VERPLICHT Dylan Belgrado Performance

A two-weekly rendezvous at 18:00 with Dylan Belgrado. To be clear: the visitor enters the exhibition space at 18:00 sharp and receives a free beer.

Consumptie Verplicht is canceled until further notice.

01.08 → 02.08.20 PI013 Paule Josephe Store: Cycle III Paule Josephe Something else

Paule Josephe Store: cycle III.

Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 Augustus 2020, 10:00-19:00.

! The store will be held on Torenoogst, a shared garden on the upper floor of a former hospital's parking lot near Pleasure Island. Torenoogst is accessible by the Molenstraat and starting from Pleasure Island, this will also be signposted. !

26.11 → 12.12.2020 PI012 NOTHING FOR FREE Aaron Daem, Deveny Faruque, Emile Van Helleputte, Juan Pablo Plazas, Markéta de Borggraef, Nikolaas Demoen, Noureddine Ezarraf, Pommelien Koolen, Remie Vanderhaegen, Els Wuyts Expo

With manners of the ghost, we read this sentence as follows: it is the cargo who drives from the corner of the window frame to end up just behind the curtains – this sentence does not stretch in proportion towards his own length. In a trice, the car still shimmers in the windows of the marketplace, so to speak about the car... – it won’t get any further. Vehicle? Do you already have a plan?

developing PI011 Lukas De Clerck Performance
canceled PI010 New Rituals Egon Van Herreweghe, Marthe Coolens, Thomas Minn Expo

Welcome to the New Rituals spa retreat where our purpose is the creation of harmonious moments of pure joy and peace through interaction with stimulating artworks. Our program is specially tailored to pay hommage to the world’s age-old traditions and colourful rituals. To make your experience as comfortable as possible a structured spiritual guide is in place to direct you through this mediative experience. You will be guided through five rooms by our in house guru, each room representing a spiritual element carefully selected by us.

06.03 → 07.03.20 PI009 Voor Rachel Eline Adriaensen, Nico Couwels, Roel Kerkhofs, Jelle Martens, Ingrid Raymaekers, Zoé Lejour, Pauline Van Der Sypt en Kiki Abels. Bonus: werk van Peter Morrens, Marc De Blieck Expo

Voor Gorge, result of a a short residency of a number of masters' students and master's promoters at Sint-Lukas Visual Arts Ghent (LUCA School of Arts): Kiki Abels, Eline Adriaensen, Nico Couwels, Roel Kerkhofs, Zoé Lejour, Jelle Martens, Ingrid Raymaekers, Pauline Vandersypt.

13.02 → 16.02.20 PI008 from the deep end to where you can stand (chin above the water levels rising) Stine Sampers Performance

exhibition and performance by Stine Sampers.

12.01.20 PI007 KRAAK's Nieuwjaars Fête KRAAK & PLEASURE ISLAND Concert

The welcoming baby birth of 2020 with KRAAK, annual music gathering or Nieuwjaars Fête.

15.12.19 PI006 Xmas STROOM & PLEASURE ISLAND Something else
23.11 → 01.12.19 PI005 Pré-Garden Romane Claus, Ines Claus Expo
23.11.19 PI004 High Musth Warre Fungus, Jozef Aleksander Pedro, Luka Ivanovic, Simon Beeckaert Concert
01.11 → 11.11.19 PI003 Indre Svirplyte Indre Svirplyte Expo
11.10 → 18.10.19 PI002 Translocating to the immaterial Markéta de Borggraef, Maïly Beyrens, Victor Van Wassenhove Expo
13.09.19 PI001 Ubaldo Andreu G. Serra Concert
31.07.19 PI000 PLEASURE ISLAND Opening PLEASURE ISLAND Something else