28.08 - 29.08.2021 PI036 PLATFORM for ALGAE DIPLOMACY w/ Waldburger Wouters: Filip Van Dingenen & Hélène Meyer Something else


Reading room / Roots in hot tub Eggwrack & Déjeuner sur Ostend Plage entre la Colonie de phoques gris

Filip Van Dingenen & Hélène Meyer

Saturday 16:00-18:00
Sunday 12:00-14:00

Together with Waldburger Wouters.

04.09 - 12.09.2021 PI031 SHHH w/ Monokino: Tony Conrad, Marcel Broodthaers, Philippe Van Snick, Paul Sharits, Boris Lehman, Eric Andersen, Erien Withouck Something else

In collaboration with Monokino, Pleasure Island will host part of the SHHH Film Festival for the second time.

03, 04, 05.09.2021 & 10, 11, 12.09.2021
10:00 – 18:00

In the original Pleasure Island (Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 133) an exhibition will be highlighting the EXPRMNTL festival back in 1960-1970 organised by Ledoux. The exhibition is curated by Xavier Garcia Bardon and will be showing works by Tony Conrad, Marcel Broodthaers, Philippe Van Snick, Paul Sharits, Boris Lehman and Eric Andersen.

In the new Pleasure Island (51°13'30.3"N, 2°53'48.7"E) a sound installation will be presented by Erien Withouck.

05.08.2021 PI030 Theatrum Algarium AnneMarie Maes Performance

Theatrum Algarium, a durational performance with the sea with AnneMarie Maes, Margarita Maximova, Mieke Franquet, Erland Jacobsen


Early in the morning and late in the evening, between low and high tide, the Theatrum Algarium rises from the sea.

Metal frames hold the fluttering weeds. Glass jars fill up with seawater, their round shapes are acting like a lens and focus on the morphology of the floating algae.

Theatrum Algarium works with organisms of the sea. In an associative way, we meander through the algarium and create a narrative that is woven from the threads of past, present and future. In their lab performers prepare bits & bites from the sea. These delicacies are offered to the visitors and passers-by in petri dishes. The waves threaten to swallow up the lab, but in a repetitive action, structures, algae and jars are carried past the flood line and end up in the cabin of Pleasure Island.


Vroeg in de ochtend en laat op de avond, tussen eb en vloed, stijgt het Theatrum Algaerium op uit de zee.

Metalen staketsels vormen een houvast voor wapperende wieren. Glazen bokalen vullen zich met zeewater, hun ronde vormen werken als een lens en focussen op de morfologie van de zwevende algen.

Theatrum Algaerium werkt samen met organismen uit de zee. Op een associatieve manier meanderen we door het algarium en creëren we een narratief dat geweven is uit de draden van verleden, heden en toekomst. Aan een laboratorium tafel prepareren performers bits & bites uit de zee. Deze kostbaarheden worden in petri schaaltjes aan de bezoekers en voorbijgangers aangeboden. De golven dreigen het laboratorium te overspoelen, maar in een repetitieve handeling worden structuren, algen en bokalen voorbij de vloedlijn gedragen, om te eindigen in de cabine van Pleasure Island. Daar vindt het Theatrum Algaerium een onderkomen voor de dag, en kan ook de website+archief Laminaria bezocht worden.

PERFORMANCE: 8:00 - 10:00 & 20:00 - 22:00

14.08 - 15.08.2021 PI029 MOLLIFY, JOLLIFY, OSSIFY Floris Hoorelbeke & Lysandre Begijn Expo

MOLLIFY, JOLLIFY, OSSIFY: joint drawings by Lysandre Begijn and Floris Hoorelbeke

This series of about thirty drawings is the result of a collaboration between Lysandre Begijn and Floris Hoorelbeke through correspondence via Bpost during and between lockdowns in 2020. One set of drawings was started by Begijn, while another set was begun by Hoorelbeke. Improvising onto the drawing that was done first, while paying attention not to become too overwhelming in the process, allowed for a natural balance to occur. There was no preconceived design. One only had to follow his or her own intuition.

Before this artistic encounter both artists had never met in real life. They followed each other’s work through social network platforms such as Instagram. It is only after the completion of the series that a first personal encounter emerged. This artistic dialogue took place purely on the terms of a reciprocal fascination for each other’s visual language and an intuitive approach.

The sheet of paper is a meeting place, an arena where two intuitive worlds meet. These collective drawings are the result of an investigation into a visual tension between two opposite poles. While a soft, feminine touch predominates in Lysandre Begijn’s drawing, Floris Hoorelbeke’s drawing is characterised by repetitive speed and a kind of asemic writing, a wordless open semantic form of writing. Nature and human condition are central to the work of Begijn. In her drawing often a face, drafted by squiggles and a soft touch, seems to take shape. The sheet of paper becomes a mask, investigates a metaphysical quality. Nervous repetitive jitters dominate in the drawing of Hoorelbeke who works fast and energetically. His scratchy scribbles, which are not without evoking the obsessive drawing of Henri Michaux, seem to whirl outside the paper’s border in some kind of frenzy. Elements of outsider art are detectable in a vocabulary that can be associated with the écriture automatique reminiscent of Christian Dotremont. Hoorelbeke also makes experimental music, pointing into the direction that his drawings can be read as experimental music scores.

The more concrete formal input of Begijn makes that portraits or faces seem to appear. Yet, the metaphysical aspect transcends the physical. The subconscious is present in the personae of her masks, her faces. The exploration of the subconscious in Floris Hoorelbeke’s drawings hides in the scratched staccato. It is on this subconscious level that both artists meet.

While Begijn’s formal language is more restricted to the page, Hoorelbeke’s opens up the page. Out of this tension the drawings receive their own identities. The rhythm and the energy that freely flows between the feminine form and the male gesture, and the continuity of repetition and movement, has a conjuring effect. A fusion or symbiosis between two visual languages occurs. It are two stories told simultaneously or a joint story told by two narrators.

What is of interest here is the chemistry that occurs between two visual languages. Both artists develop as they go their own ‘writing’ style in drawing, which leads to a collaborative form of visual poetry.

— Georges Petitjean

04.07.2021 PI022 The Living Archive Of Bad Ideas w/ KAAP: Maya Strobbe & Linus Bonduelle Something else

Artist Maya Strobbe has previously hosted everyone’s bad idea in her Archive of Bad Ideas in Brussels and Leipzig. Now the archive is housed in the beach pavilion of PLEASURE ISLAND, of which it takes the form. Throughout the day, visitors can contribute their ‘bad ideas’ to the archive, which gives way to a conversation about what exactly is a bad idea. When is an idea bad? What prompts us to criticise our own ideas in this way? Is a bad idea for one person not an insight for another?

Maya Strobbe playfully creates an archive that can also serve as a methodology, comparable to Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, cards with prompts that help you back on track after an artistic deadlock.

At the end of the day, the archive is opened and Maya will read from the collection of bad ideas, accompanied by a soundscape by artist Linus Bonduelle.

LOCATION: Pleasure Island beach cabin
TIME: from 10:30 throughout the day

Together with Kunstencentrum KAAP and part of DANSAND Festival.

20.08 - 22.08.2021 PI021 OP ZEE w/ STROOM Something else

A light set up in a prominent position as a landmark.
A warning signal or celebration.
A beacon carrying a message of purpose and hope.
A nighttime illumination at the fringe between sea and sand, guiding vessels and the eyes of people.
An installatian at the Pleasure Island cabin (51°13'30.3"N, 2°53'48.7”E).

Together with the release of STROOM's MUZIEKKAMER - OP ZEE (STRX-050), the cabin will transform into a nighttime installation between Friday evening and Monday morning. Pass by the cabin between sunset and sunrise, info and tickets for the boat ride here.

Together with STROOM.

20.06.2021 PI020 Ignatz Annelies Monseré + Ladr.ache + DJ het effekt w/ KRAAK Concert

A Sunday afternoon's KRAAK gathering to celebrate Ignatz' new 7" You Can't See Me with Annelies Monseré & Lar.ache and DJ het effekt at the end of the spring season and the beginning of a well deserved sunstroke.

Together with KRAAK.

11.09 → 13.09.20 PI015 SHHH Monokino Expo

Silent film on different locations in Ostend, organised by Monokino.

The 16mm installation Touchtone, from Wim Janssen, is shown. A boy learns to make a wine glass ‘sing’ by running his finger over the edge. The act is captured on 16mm film and will be shown on a 16mm projector. In the installation the silent analogue film runs over the edge of a glass, mimicing the sound of the act that is projected.

canceled PI014 CONSUMPTIE VERPLICHT Dylan Belgrado Performance

A two-weekly rendezvous at 18:00 with Dylan Belgrado. To be clear: the visitor enters the exhibition space at 18:00 sharp and receives a free beer.

Consumptie Verplicht was canceled due to the COVID impossibility crisis.

01.08 → 02.08.20 PI013 Paule Josephe Store: Cycle III Paule Josephe Something else

Paule Josephe Store: cycle III.

Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 Augustus 2020, 10:00-19:00.

! The store will be held on Torenoogst, a shared garden on the upper floor of a former hospital's parking lot near Pleasure Island. Torenoogst is accessible by the Molenstraat and starting from Pleasure Island, this will also be signposted. !

26.11 → 12.12.2020 PI012 NOTHING FOR FREE Aaron Daem, Deveny Faruque, Emile Van Helleputte, Juan Pablo Plazas, Markéta de Borggraef, Nikolaas Demoen, Noureddine Ezarraf, Pommelien Koolen, Remie Vanderhaegen, Els Wuyts Expo

With manners of the ghost, we read this sentence as follows: it is the cargo who drives from the corner of the window frame to end up just behind the curtains – this sentence does not stretch in proportion towards his own length. In a trice, the car still shimmers in the windows of the marketplace, so to speak about the car... – it won’t get any further. Vehicle? Do you already have a plan?

canceled PI010 New Rituals Egon Van Herreweghe, Marthe Coolens, Thomas Minn Expo

Welcome to the New Rituals spa retreat where our purpose is the creation of harmonious moments of pure joy and peace through interaction with stimulating artworks. Our program is specially tailored to pay hommage to the world’s age-old traditions and colourful rituals. To make your experience as comfortable as possible a structured spiritual guide is in place to direct you through this mediative experience. You will be guided through five rooms by our in house guru, each room representing a spiritual element carefully selected by us.

06.03 → 07.03.20 PI009 Voor Rachel Eline Adriaensen, Nico Couwels, Roel Kerkhofs, Jelle Martens, Ingrid Raymaekers, Zoé Lejour, Pauline Van Der Sypt en Kiki Abels. Bonus: werk van Peter Morrens, Marc De Blieck Expo

Voor Gorge, result of a a short residency of a number of masters' students and master's promoters at Sint-Lukas Visual Arts Ghent (LUCA School of Arts): Kiki Abels, Eline Adriaensen, Nico Couwels, Roel Kerkhofs, Zoé Lejour, Jelle Martens, Ingrid Raymaekers, Pauline Vandersypt.

13.02 → 16.02.20 PI008 from the deep end to where you can stand (chin above the water levels rising) Stine Sampers Performance

exhibition and performance by Stine Sampers.

12.01.20 PI007 KRAAK's Nieuwjaars Fête KRAAK & PLEASURE ISLAND Concert

The welcoming baby birth of 2020 with KRAAK, annual music gathering or Nieuwjaars Fête.

15.12.19 PI006 Xmas STROOM & PLEASURE ISLAND Something else
23.11 → 01.12.19 PI005 Pré-Garden Romane Claus, Ines Claus Expo
23.11.19 PI004 High Musth Warre Fungus, Jozef Aleksander Pedro, Luka Ivanovic, Simon Beeckaert Concert
01.11 → 11.11.19 PI003 Indre Svirplyte Indre Svirplyte Expo
11.10 → 18.10.19 PI002 Translocating to the immaterial Markéta de Borggraef, Maïly Beyrens, Victor Van Wassenhove Expo
13.09.19 PI001 Ubaldo Andreu G. Serra Concert
31.07.19 PI000 PLEASURE ISLAND Opening PLEASURE ISLAND Something else