Nothing For Free

26 & 27 Sept., 3 & 4 Okt. 2020

Consumptie verplicht

1 Oct. 2020 - 30 Sept. 2021
(Thu. every two weeks)

New Rituals

17 & 18 Okt., 24 & 25 Okt., 31 Okt. & 1 Nov. 2020

Gorgelen in A & SNEEZE!


Welcome to the New Rituals spa retreat where our purpose is the creation of harmonious moments of pure joy and peace through interaction with stimulating artworks. Our program is specially tailored to pay hommage to the world’s age-old traditions and colourful rituals. To make your experience as comfortable as possible a structured spiritual guide is in place to direct you through this mediative experience. You will be guided through five rooms by our in house guru, each room representing a spiritual element carefully selected by us.

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10 EUR, max. 3 persons per timeslot.

Please transfer the amount of 10 EUR within 3 days after reservation to the account of Pleasure Island: BE70 8939 4408 7325 stating your full name + 'New Rituals'. Reservation valid after payment.