11 - 13 Sept. 2020

Paule Josephe Store

1 & 2 August 2020

Voor Rachel
- Kiki Abels, Eline Adriaensen, Nico Couwels, Roel Kerkhofs, Zoé Lejour, Jelle Martens, Ingrid Raymaekers, Pauline Vandersypt

6 - 7 March 2020

from the deep end to where you can stand (chin above the water levels rising)
— Stine Sampers

13 - 16 February 2020

Nieuwjaars Fête

12 January 2020
Toghether with KRAAK


15 December 2019
Toghether with STROOM

- Romane & Ines Claus

23 nov. - 1 dec. 2019

High Musth

23 nov. 2019

Indre Svirplyte

1 - 11 nov. 2019

Translocating to the immaterial
- VDB Transit Co.

11 - 18 okt. 2019


13 sept. 2019

Silent film on different locations in Ostend (11-13.09.20), organised by Monokino.

The 16mm installation Touchtone, from Wim Janssen, will be shown in Pleasure Island. A boy learns to make a wine glass ‘sing’ by running his finger over the edge. The act is captured on 16mm film and will be shown on a 16mm projector. In the installation the silent analogue film runs over the edge of a glass, mimicing the sound of the act that is projected.

This is a paid event and part of a bigger ‘festival’, for tickets and info:!

‘shhh’ (front): Michaël Bussaer

image (back): Touchtone, film still, Wim Janssen